AC Photonics, Inc.
ACP's capabilities
Component design

Need a custom component that you can't find anywhere?
Talk to our New Product teams and let them design, validate, and manufacture a passive solution.

Engineering on demand

Not enough resources to complete that project?
Why not outsource it to ACP’s global engineering team and let them solve your most complex challenges.

Module & system design

Need a custom module or system designed?
ACP has a standard module platform which is 100% customizable in technical parameters to meet your most stringent system needs.

Logistics / Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI)

Struggling on lowering your inventory holding costs?
See how ACP can help you through creating a custom VMI program for your global manufacturing footprint.

Value-added manufacturing

Running out of capacity or need a lower manufacturing cost base?
ACP’s global manufacturing footprint has the capacity to either replace or support your ever-changing production needs.