AC Photonics, Inc.

1x8 Mechanical Single-mode Switch

1x8 Mechanical Single-mode Switch

ACP’s MS Series switch connects optical channels by redirecting an incoming optical signal into a selected output fiber. This is achieved using a patent pending opto-mechanical proprietary configuration and activated via an electrical control signal. The Switch offers ultra-high reliability and fast switching speed as well as bi-directional performance. The MS fiberoptic switches are true switching solution for optical networking applications.

  • Unmatched Low Cost
  • Low Insertion Loss
  • High Channel Isolation
  • Highly Stable and Reliable
  • Epoxy Free Optical Path
  • Latching
  • Optical Netrwork Protection/Restoration
  • Optical Signal Routing
  • Configurable Optical Add/Drop
  • Transmitter and Receiver Protection
  • Network Test Systems
  • Instrumentation


Parameter Unit Specifications
Operating Windows Single Dual
Operating Wavelength nm 1260 - 1360 or 1510 - 1560 1310/1550 ± 30
Grade P P
Insertion Loss dB ≤ 1.5 ≤ 1.8
Wavelength Dependent Loss dB ≤ 0.25 ≤ 0.30
Polarization Dependent Loss dB ≤ 0.2
Channel Cross Talk dB ≥ 50
Return Loss dB ≥ 55
Repetability dB ± 0.05
Switching Speed (Typ.) ms ≤ 25
Power Supply +5VDC Voltage: 5V
+5DC Current: ≤200mA
+3.3VDC Voltage: 3.3V
Digital Interface Logic CMOS (3.3V)
Durability (Cycles) Million 10
Optical Power mW ≤ 300
Operating Temperature °C 0 to +70
Storage Temperature °C - 40 to +85
Package Dimensions (LxWxH) mm 86x80x20

All values referenced are without connector.