AC Photonics, Inc.

Switch / Routing

Within any optical network, fallout protection, resource sharing, and add/drop capabilities are often required in the form of opto-mechanical systems. ACP's extensive range of switches and routing products are widely used by discerning clients looking for both performance and reliability standard our competition cannot offer.

ACP's offers switching products in a multitude of configurations, from 1x1 to Dual 2x2 for protection, Magneto-optics 1x2 and 1xN for frequent switching applications, through to custom configurations based on customer specifications.

ACP's Optical circulators for bi-directional optical networks are often seen in dispersion compensation modules (DCM) and other various applications.

ACP's products and services are backed by 25 years of industry best processes, a vertically integrated supply chain, industry best lead-times & quality standards, global manufacturing and distribution footprints, and a flexible on-demand engineering team to help with any specialty projects.