AC Photonics, Inc.

Monitoring / Conditioning

Power monitoring within optical networks is essential especially for reconfigurable add/drop multiplexing (ROADM), network switching/protection, and gain/attenuation within amplifications

ACP's photodiodes are able to integrate with tap or WDM functionality in to one custom package providing not only weight and size savings but also industry leading best quality and performance criteria. This family of products also has the option for pigtail integration in both single and multiple channel / array packages.

ACP also provides numerous VOAs including manually adjustable MVOA-T, compact packaged VOAs, and electronics VOAs.

ACP’s products and services are backed by 25 years of industry best processes, a vertically integrated supply chain, industry best lead-times & quality standards, global manufacturing and distribution footprints, and a flexible on-demand engineering team to help with any specialty projects.